Services we can provide


Dent2Go leverages the latest industry trends and equipment when performing our Services

Our experts Dent2Go is able to come to your place and restore your old treasure back to new. We have been in the business for over 20 years and have extensive experience in paint restorations, and car paint protection.

We have always had our client's best interest at heart and continuously aim to provide top-notch services at very competitive prices!

Dent2Go Offers a special mobile Dent removal Service. Our Experts, have received the best training for removing the most complex and difficult to remove dents. Dent Removal, can help maintain the value of your car, avoid cracks in the paint job, in turn avoid rust on the body of your car. For best results, combine our dent removal service, with a polishing finish to best protect your car.

Our team of experts can assist, guide and provide you with the best advice and quote you need to make your informed decision that is best for you and your car.

Water Sanding, and polishing combined expertise, allows us to get rid of most pesky scratches, and restore your beautiful car back to its original look. Have you scratched your car against a wall? Did you hit your mirror against something? did someone scratch your car? we can help!

Contact us we will be more than happy to assist, even if it's just to say hi!