FAQ we can help

Absolutely. Dent2Go is a privately owned Limited Liability Company based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and strives to help Car Owners or leesees to gid rid of minor body damages, windshields and headlights. Charging for an initial estimate fee goes against our motto, so go ahead, give us a call and find out how we can help and our prices!
We are a mobile on the road and house call based company, so yes we can absolutely meet with you anywhere that is accomodating to you to provide you with an initial consult, if the conditions are acceptable and you decide to take us on, we can do the job then and there, but this is only based on acceptable working conditions.
Acceptable conditions are all conditions that would allow us to complete the job without causing damage to your car. example: if it feels like -40 C, this would be bad for your car and the job cannot be done outside.